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A kelp stalk and bulb from which grow several ribbon-like blades of seaweed against a green watery background with a glowing source of light top-center frame

Seaweed fiber is the future of fashion

3 min read Recent research is uncovering the shocking impact of fast fashion on our oceans. Textiles made from seaweed fiber may help turn the tide.
13.01.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
A classroom setting of adolescent students sitting at desks that are pushed together, facing a teacher who is standing in front of a variety of teaching materials - whiteboards, screens and posters - that are hanging on the wall

Teach The Future – start looking up

4 min read Schools are not doing enough to help students prepare and face climate change. This youth-led campaign is making history with its plan to "change all that."
11.01.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
Podcaster Craig Gavigan of "The Unplugged Debate" sitting in the woods by a lake with a husky and holding a camera

“The Unplugged Debate”- journeying with a Scottish park ranger

3 min read Husky sledding, surfing, skydiving, or swimming the English Channel - The Unplugged Debate's guests talk about the entanglements between technology and the outdoors.
13.12.2021/by Everyday Grit Team
A group of eight women and men from Green@Blue standing outside in a wild grassy field against the backdrop of a line o trees

The Bee Brick is creating buzz and saving bees

3 min read A Cornish couple's design workshop merges a passion for nature with intelligent design to create elegant household materials with a positive impact on nature.
02.12.2021/by Everyday Grit Team
A couple Caribbean reef sharks glide through the clear water of Grand Bahama island against the backdrop of a sandy ocean for and a small coral reef.

Shark reporting checklist – it’s not exactly what you think

4 min read "The biggest threat to marine life is believing that ‘someone else’ will save it."
Graham Buckingham decided to stop waiting for “someone else to do something”.
17.09.2021/by Everyday Grit Team
Bow Seat winner art by Fiona Luo in 2017

From the Bow Seat – the 2022 Ocean Awareness Contest is open

2 min read Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs is holding its 11th annual…
10.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Young man smiling walking in the street listening to a sober podcast

Dance, sex and recovery: 3 tell-all sober podcasts

2 min read Podcasts can be great tools to maintain sobriety. These 3 sober podcasts should be added to your list.
08.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Sky high farm collection look book, man standing in a greenhouse

Sky High Farm is showing how “food is power”

3 min read Sky High Farm practices is reinventing philanthropy with their partnership with Dover Street Market.
02.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Resident decision making the elevated railway crossing with the painted words Camden Lock on a sunny day with many people in the street

Resident decision making builds a stronger community

3 min read Camden Giving is on a mission “to end local inequality and end racial injustice wherever it shows up.” 
Resident decision-making puts problem-solving power into the hands of the people who are impacted by these problems.
29.07.2021/by Everyday Grit Team
social change young Changemaker at school

Social change sparking a generation

3 min read TribesforGOOD believes that social changemaking is a powerful idea whose time has come.
18.07.2021/by Everyday Grit Team
Youth art submitted for Bow Seat contest

The youth art contest that is preserving our oceans

2 min read The 10 years of Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs and it's powerful youth art contests.
12.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Saving Tuvalu pacific island in a bid's eye view where you can see that some of the island has already been submerged by the sea

The students behind the “Saving Tuvalu” online campaign

3 min read These students from Mexico are "Saving Tuvalu" in the middle of a world pandemic.
09.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
How Mental - friends in coffee shop looking at a computer

Mental Wellbeing in an App – How Mental !

3 min read Mental wellbeing and community with an app that supports mental health, the story behind the viral Instagram account How Mental.
17.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Protect Native Elders logo

Protect Native Elders – preserving native wisdom one mask at a time

3 min read A group of Native American activists and techies from SF develop a Native-led, inter-tribal, rapid response to COVID.
11.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team