Untangle: the app that walks you through the challenges of grief

8 min read Death is inevitable, an inseparable part of life. But when confronted…
30.05.2023/by The Inspirer Team
Miranda, the founder of Empathy Lab wearing a purple sweater

EmpathyLab is bringing empathy to school curriculums

8 min read EmpathyLab is raising an empathy educated generation through the power of reading.
01.11.2022/by The Inspirer Team

Guitars Over Guns, empowering youth through music

9 min read Guitars Over Guns is a dedicated group of people helping youth overcome hardship, find their voice and reach their potential as tomorrow’s leaders.
25.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team

Positive Tipping Points – A Key to a Brighter Future

6 min read Professor Tim Lenton explains how we can accelerate positive transformative change for the planet by looking where to tip.
21.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team
David Beeney's face when he is suffering from mental health

The Power of “How Are You?”

7 min read David Beeney is a leading advisor for mental health in the workplace in the UK. His simple yet effective approach is changing the way companies address mental health in their cultures.
18.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team
The Community Ecology Institute Executive Director Dr. CHIARA D'AMORE, - Image courtesy of the Community Ecology Institute

The Community Ecology Institute – where people and nature thrive

9 min read The Community Ecology Institute helps to enhance community and well-being by connecting people with nature.
11.10.2022/by Everyday Grit Team

Relearning masculinity with Next Gen Men

8 min read Next Gen Men is working towards a future where boys and men feel less pain and cause less harm.
04.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team

Youth Vs. Apocalypse – tackling climate justice at the root

15 min read Meet Aniya Butler, poet and climate activist at Youth Vs. Apocalypse
20.09.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
How mental founder George Taktak

A mental health revolution? How Mental!

9 min read Mental health is so often wrapped up in secrecy and taboo. How Mental founder George Taktak is on a mission to make discussion well-being and mental a global priority.
13.09.2022/by Everyday Grit Team

Artist Support Pledge – a perfect storm creates a sustainable economy for artists

7 min read A British painter started an unbelievable social media movement that is transforming the way artists sell their work. Read how Mathew Burrows is creating community, spreading success, and helping countless artists achieve financial independence with Artist Support Pledge.
06.09.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
The Inspirer's founders Em and Kevin Barrett walking on a sidewalk in Paris

The Inspirer – people focused on the bright side of the news

7 min read All over the planet, countless inspiring people are bringing positive change to their communities. The Inspirer wants to make their stories front-page news.
30.08.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
A line of protesters wearing face-masks and photographed in 3/4 profile as the stand in a street holding signs against Coal Power

Kimiko Hirata launches a grassroots campaign that stops the Japanese coal industry dead in its tracks.

6 min read It wasn't going to be a fair fight, her NGO was understaffed and underfunded. But Kimiko Hirata was not going to back down. She took on some of the wealthiest, most powerful institutions in the world and forced them to do the unimaginable.
29.04.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
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