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Sobriety is a way of life. And like any other lifestyle, community helps it stick. Whether rooted in addiction recovery, sober curiosity, health reasons or just a lack of interest in alcohol or drugs, being sober can at times, feel lonely . Here are three must-listen sober podcasts that teach uplifting life lessons through their touching and entertaining conversations. And if meeting other people in the community may be daunting, these podcasters have created great resources for tools and inspiration.

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sober podcast cover art Hooked the unexpected addicts

“Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts” cover art – courtesy of BBC Radio 5

Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts

When Jade and Melissa met in treatment, they never imagined that they would become the two British voices of the Hooked podcast on BBC radio 5. Yet, these hosts are normalising the narratives around alcoholism and drug addiction one episode at a time.
Being a nurse and a school teacher isn’t the classic societal portrait of an alcoholic or a drug addict. Still, this brave duo shares their experiences with open-heartedness and shows how the disease of addiction doesn’t discriminate. Each episode touches on a different topic where guests share their experiences and carry a message of hope.
Holder of the Silver title of the 2020 British Podcast Awards for the Best Wellbeing Podcast, listening to Hooked is a humbling and powerful experience, full of gems.
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Sober podcast cover art - Sober Sex

“Sober Sex” cover art, courtesy of LOUISAHHH! and Rose Romain

Sober Sex

Rose and LOUISAHHH are the two hosts of Sober Sex. This podcast on personal evolution and spirituality focuses exclusively around the topic of sex, sexuality and intimacy.
Rose is a recovery coach, and LOUISAHHH a techno DJ. Together they bring their perspective, curiosity and kindness to tackle difficult questions around sex and intimacy in search of personal growth and recovery. Being both in recovery themselves, they create a safe space by opening up in a radically honest way about their journeys and invite their guests to do the same. Sober sex is raw and unapologetic. Healing flows right into your ears.
This sober podcast is a rare and precious find, a definite must-listen.
Instagram: @fuckyeahsobersex

sober podcast cover art - how to dance sober

“How To Dance Sober” Cover art – Courtesy of Tom Bunting

How To Dance Sober

Tom, aka T.bunts, is a sober DJ/producer seeking to rebrand sobriety in dance music culture. He launched his podcast in 2021 and each episode is an interview with someone from the dance music industry. The conversation centers on their careers and involvement in the industry and their journeys with sobriety.
Dance music culture is often synonymous with drinking and drug use, but this podcast presents how the space is open for everyone. How To Dance Sober gives a  dose of hope for sober ravers and dance music fans as parties and clubs start to re-open after a long 18 months of Covid-19 restrictions. 

And it is the opportunity to listen to interviews with some sound DJs. 

Instagram: @howtodancesober #rebrandsobriety