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Untangle: the app that walks you through the challenges of grief

8 min read Death is inevitable, an inseparable part of life. But when confronted…
30.05.2023/by The Inspirer Team
Miranda, the founder of Empathy Lab wearing a purple sweater

EmpathyLab is bringing empathy to school curriculums

8 min read EmpathyLab is raising an empathy educated generation through the power of reading.
01.11.2022/by The Inspirer Team

Guitars Over Guns, empowering youth through music

9 min read Guitars Over Guns is a dedicated group of people helping youth overcome hardship, find their voice and reach their potential as tomorrow’s leaders.
25.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team

Positive Tipping Points – A Key to a Brighter Future

6 min read Professor Tim Lenton explains how we can accelerate positive transformative change for the planet by looking where to tip.
21.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team
David Beeney's face when he is suffering from mental health

The Power of “How Are You?”

7 min read David Beeney is a leading advisor for mental health in the workplace in the UK. His simple yet effective approach is changing the way companies address mental health in their cultures.
18.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team

Relearning masculinity with Next Gen Men

8 min read Next Gen Men is working towards a future where boys and men feel less pain and cause less harm.
04.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team
Photo of woman wearing a mauve suit from Give Your Best

“Choosing the clothes you wear is a basic human right” says Sol Escobar, founder of Give Your Best

10 min read Sol Escobar wanted to help a household of refugee women and wound up reinventing the way that clothing is donated. Her life-changing solution could help millions of people experiencing clothing poverty and have a major impact on textile waste.
23.03.2022/by The Inspirer Team
consultants at auticon

auticon – bringing neurodiversity to IT

6 min read This consultancy firm/social enterprise is unofficially one of the biggest employers of people diagnosed with autism in the world.
17.03.2022/by The Inspirer Team
Saza F. member of the End Female Genital Cutting Singapore collective

End Female Genital Cutting in Singapore

5 min read This collective of determined people is opening a dialogue among leaders, community members and allies to end of the practice of Female Genital Cutting in Singapore. Read the interview.
04.03.2022/by The Inspirer Team
Two women - Jordan Magrobi (left) and Quote This Woman+ founder Kathy Magrobi (right) standing outside in front of a green leafy background.

Quote This Woman+ is amplifying women in the news

6 min read Men's voices outnumber women's voices in the media. Meet the women who have figured out a simple, powerful way to change that.
27.01.2022/by The Inspirer Team
Four lads sitting together being friends after doing beyond equality workshop

Beyond Equality – young men learning to be part of the solution

6 min read Rethinking masculinities to prevent gender based violence and build community.
10.11.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Tony Weaver Jr. with his comics The UnCommon

Comics that help kids feel just Weird Enough

4 min read Tony Weaver Jr. CEO of Weird Enough produces comics that empower kids to become the heroes of their own stories. 
29.10.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Portrait of Sharon Lavigne wearing Rise St. James shirt

Sharon Lavigne – never too late for environmental justice

5 min read Sharon Lavigne stopped the construction of a $1.25 billion petrochemical complex that would poison her community.
08.10.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Trans flag painted on hand representing trans people

Trans people in Hungary cannot be legally recognized – the fight continues

6 min read Part 2 of the interview with Transvanilla, the only trans-led NGO in Hungary, working to safeguard their community's rights, livelihoods, and safety in an increasingly hostile political climate.
06.10.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Transvanilla - helping trans people to achieve their rights in Hungary

Transvanilla, the Hungarian NGO fighting for trans people’s rights

7 min read Transvanilla Transgender Association is the only trans-led NGO in Hungary fighting for the rights of trans people. Interview Part 1
05.10.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Bow Seat winner art by Fiona Luo in 2017

From the Bow Seat – the 2022 Ocean Awareness Contest is open

2 min read Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs is holding its 11th annual…
10.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Young man smiling walking in the street listening to a sober podcast

Dance, sex and recovery: 3 tell-all sober podcasts

2 min read Podcasts can be great tools to maintain sobriety. These 3 sober podcasts should be added to your list.
08.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Young woman protesting against public sexual harassment yelling in megaphone

Public sexual harassment – two sisters decide “enough is enough”

3 min read Our Streets Now is a UK wide campaign working to end public street harassment
06.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Sky high farm collection look book, man standing in a greenhouse

Sky High Farm is showing how “food is power”

3 min read Sky High Farm practices is reinventing philanthropy with their partnership with Dover Street Market.
02.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Refugee rights, refugees walking

The Refugee Rights Project is using Instagram for education

4 min read Refugee Rights Project is an educational Instagram account breaking down tough topics into accessible chunks and challenges people to join the fight for a better future.
01.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
upcycling PPE facemask lying in the street

Upcycling PPE to fight Covid-19 – from trash to treasure

4 min read The creative designer who is upcycling PPE to create mattresses to help in India's fight against Covid-19.
15.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Youth art submitted for Bow Seat contest

The youth art contest that is preserving our oceans

2 min read The 10 years of Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs and it's powerful youth art contests.
12.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
young artists blue art painting of a fish and plastic bottle symbolising the environmental crisis of the ocean

Ocean awareness art contest – the interview

6 min read A unique Ocean Awareness Art Contest is bringing young artists from around the world together to speak out and protect our oceans.
08.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
food provisions team at calais food collective smiling and standing together with their branded tshirts

Grassroots food provisions – security and dignity for refugees during the pandemic

5 min read Calais Food Collective was created out of necessity at the beginning of the pandemic. A year later, their mission prevails.
10.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Saving Tuvalu pacific island in a bid's eye view where you can see that some of the island has already been submerged by the sea

The students behind the “Saving Tuvalu” online campaign

3 min read These students from Mexico are "Saving Tuvalu" in the middle of a world pandemic.
09.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
How Mental - friends in coffee shop looking at a computer

Mental Wellbeing in an App – How Mental !

3 min read Mental wellbeing and community with an app that supports mental health, the story behind the viral Instagram account How Mental.
17.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Protect Native Elders logo

Protect Native Elders – preserving native wisdom one mask at a time

3 min read A group of Native American activists and techies from SF develop a Native-led, inter-tribal, rapid response to COVID.
11.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Two native elders standing together with a mask on posing for Protect Native Elders

Protect Native Elders – The Interview

9 min read Grassroots organisation Protect Native Elders became first responders for Indigenous tribes all over America.
07.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
How mental founder George Taktak

George Taktak, Founder of How Mental – the conversation

4 min read Founder of How Mental turns his personal passion into one of the largest online communities for mental health.
06.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team