Positive Tipping Points – A Key to a Brighter Future

6 min read Professor Tim Lenton explains how we can accelerate positive transformative change for the planet by looking where to tip.
21.10.2022/by The Inspirer Team
The Community Ecology Institute Executive Director Dr. CHIARA D'AMORE, - Image courtesy of the Community Ecology Institute

The Community Ecology Institute – where people and nature thrive

9 min read The Community Ecology Institute helps to enhance community and well-being by connecting people with nature.
11.10.2022/by Everyday Grit Team

Youth Vs. Apocalypse – tackling climate justice at the root

15 min read Meet Aniya Butler, poet and climate activist at Youth Vs. Apocalypse
20.09.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
A line of protesters wearing face-masks and photographed in 3/4 profile as the stand in a street holding signs against Coal Power

Kimiko Hirata launches a grassroots campaign that stops the Japanese coal industry dead in its tracks.

6 min read It wasn't going to be a fair fight, her NGO was understaffed and underfunded. But Kimiko Hirata was not going to back down. She took on some of the wealthiest, most powerful institutions in the world and forced them to do the unimaginable.
29.04.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chief Freda Huson wearing a plaid fleece jacket stands in front of a backdrop of forest trees

“No consent ? No pipeline.” Indigenous leader Freda Huson will not cede.

6 min read Canadian Indigenous leader wins the 2021 Right Livelihood Award for courageous, peaceful resistance in a life or death fight against the Coastal Gaslink pipeline.
09.02.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
A kelp stalk and bulb from which grow several ribbon-like blades of seaweed against a green watery background with a glowing source of light top-center frame

Seaweed fiber is the future of fashion

3 min read Recent research is uncovering the shocking impact of fast fashion on our oceans. Textiles made from seaweed fiber may help turn the tide.
13.01.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
A classroom setting of adolescent students sitting at desks that are pushed together, facing a teacher who is standing in front of a variety of teaching materials - whiteboards, screens and posters - that are hanging on the wall

Teach The Future – start looking up

4 min read Schools are not doing enough to help students prepare and face climate change. This youth-led campaign is making history with its plan to "change all that."
11.01.2022/by Everyday Grit Team
A group of eight women and men from Green@Blue standing outside in a wild grassy field against the backdrop of a line o trees

The Bee Brick is creating buzz and saving bees

3 min read A Cornish couple's design workshop merges a passion for nature with intelligent design to create elegant household materials with a positive impact on nature.
02.12.2021/by Everyday Grit Team
Portrait of Sharon Lavigne wearing Rise St. James shirt

Sharon Lavigne – never too late for environmental justice

5 min read Sharon Lavigne stopped the construction of a $1.25 billion petrochemical complex that would poison her community.
08.10.2021/by The Inspirer Team
A couple Caribbean reef sharks glide through the clear water of Grand Bahama island against the backdrop of a sandy ocean for and a small coral reef.

Shark reporting checklist – it’s not exactly what you think

4 min read "The biggest threat to marine life is believing that ‘someone else’ will save it."
Graham Buckingham decided to stop waiting for “someone else to do something”.
17.09.2021/by Everyday Grit Team
Bow Seat winner art by Fiona Luo in 2017

From the Bow Seat – the 2022 Ocean Awareness Contest is open

2 min read Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs is holding its 11th annual…
10.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Sky high farm collection look book, man standing in a greenhouse

Sky High Farm is showing how “food is power”

3 min read Sky High Farm practices is reinventing philanthropy with their partnership with Dover Street Market.
02.09.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Agroforesa young woman walking bridge in agroforestry solutions farm

Agroforestry solutions – a bridge to a fossil fuel-free future

6 min read Agroforestry solutions are a powerful answer to the problem of increasing CO2 emissions.
13.07.2021/by Everyday Grit Team
Youth art submitted for Bow Seat contest

The youth art contest that is preserving our oceans

2 min read The 10 years of Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs and it's powerful youth art contests.
12.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
young artists blue art painting of a fish and plastic bottle symbolising the environmental crisis of the ocean

Ocean awareness art contest – the interview

6 min read A unique Ocean Awareness Art Contest is bringing young artists from around the world together to speak out and protect our oceans.
08.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team
Saving Tuvalu pacific island in a bid's eye view where you can see that some of the island has already been submerged by the sea

The students behind the “Saving Tuvalu” online campaign

3 min read These students from Mexico are "Saving Tuvalu" in the middle of a world pandemic.
09.07.2021/by The Inspirer Team